Monday, May 01, 2006

Friendly Market: BootsNAll

The BootsnAll Travel Network is a huge online community of travelers all seeking and giving advice about travel. It is also a great place to get some exposure in the travel writing world. BootsnAll is a non-paying market, however, it's a great place to share a story about a trip, start a travel blog or post on their message boards.

If you are a brand new travel writer itching to get your feet wet in the article submission process, this is a great market to gain confidence. It's also a great way to get that first, all-important byline. Here's how to submit your articles to BootsnAll.

* First, read through the site. Terah and I both have published articles on BootsnAll - feel free to read our stories for inspiration. Click to read Terah's A Cuban State of Mind and my article Alone, But Not Lonely in Florence.

* Sign - Up and become a member of the network. This will allow you to send articles, post on the message boards and become a part of the community.

* Read the writer's guidelines

* Submit your article

* If you'd like to start a travel blog, which by the way is another great way to practice writing everyday and build an audience, BootsnAll is looking for bloggers. Click here for details on starting a blog with BootsnAll.

If you have a story published on BootsnAll, share it with the Traveler's Pen forum (which have you joined by the way?). We'd love to hear about your successes!

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funchilde said...

i totally LURVE boots. and the other thing for a writer is (i hope) you really have an audience that is passionate about travel! not the weekend readers but the real get up and go-ers.

nice work guys!