Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Friendly Market: Trips & Journeys

If you're looking for your first clip or additional clips to pad your portolio, consider Trips & Journeys. This bi-monthly online travel magazine covers the U.S. and Canada, with 90% of content written by freelance writers. Lisa Morgin Blackwelder is the editor. As with any publication, read a few copies for style and tailor pitches to a specific department. A few of Trips & Journeys departments include:

Right - a photo feature with the focus on a destination, usually running 200-400 words
Elsewhere - a 400-word column detailing museum
Smart - a service focused column on travel tips, money saving idea, and technology, 200-800 words

Trips and Journeys pays $20 for feature articles and $15 for shorter ones. Click here for more information, including writer's guidelines, pay rates, and detailed department information. Send e-queries only to Lisa Morgin Blackwelder,

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