Thursday, May 11, 2006

Job Boards: Writer's Row

When I began a career as a freelance writer, I wondered, where do you look for jobs? I knew that if I wanted to make it in this business, stay at home, write full-time, and pay rent, I would have to find something in addition to travel writing. I would've loved to travel around the world and make a comfortable living as a travel writer, but that's something only 1% of travel writers out there can do. So, if you're like the other 99% of us, --- constantly looking for freelance writing jobs --- check out Writer's Row.

Writer's Row is a blog written by fellow freelance writer, Deborah Ng. Daily, she scours the internet looking for freelance writing jobs, all of genres --- copywriting, travel writing, editing, proofreading, and much more. Call me lazy, but I love the blog because she does all the work for me. But, keep in mind she does this for free. If you get a job from her site, or you just appreciate her hard work, please reciprocate by putting something in her tip jar, making a donation, or nominating her website as one of Writer's Digest 101 Best Web Sites.

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