Monday, June 12, 2006

Writer's Tool: Great Ideas

As writers we thrive off of ideas. But as beginners we may wonder what actually makes an idea great. Here's some tips to remember when crafting ideas for possible articles.

I've read on writer's sites, in writer's magazines and writer's forums that a destination in itself isn't an idea. How many writers have written about Rome, Paris, India, Hawaii, New York or South Africa? Far too many to count. So if you write a query to an editor stating that you're taking your summer vacation to San Francisco and fail to offer a "hook" the editor will think "Who cares?" Don't let your query end up in the slush pile (the rejection stack) because you didn't have a clear and interesting story idea.

So what's an good idea? Let's head back to San Francisco for a moment. Did you eat in a ultra trendy restaurant that served something interesting? Or did you encounter something unique like a boutique or other off the wall shop. These types of stories might sell to a food or fashion magazine. Don't just focus on travel magazines and websites for possible markets.

Good stories are everywhere. The key is learning to determine which ones are great!

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