Friday, December 22, 2006

Delayed in Denver

Note: There will not be a question on Monday in observance of Christmas. Also, next week, I'm traveling to Antigua and Montserrat, so depending on internet access, posts may be spotty. Safe traveling and Happy Holidays!

Question: After reading about the long delays in Denver, can you tell me what do if this ever happens to me?

Answer: Let's face it, no one likes delays, especially the ones travelers are experiencing in Denver. However, they're a part of traveling and when you choose to fly anything can happen: bad weather, equipment failure, to name a few. And when you fly during the winter months, long delays are to be expected.

So, what do you do? First, before you purchase your ticket, learn your airlines cancellation and delayed flight policy. They're different from airline to airline. Know what your options are.

Second, be patient. Yelling at the customer service representative will get you nowhere. This is not just happening to you, but them as well. The last thing they want or need is 200 angry passengers screaming at them. Wait your turn in line and practice patience. Delays cost airlines money and they're working hard to get everyone moving as soon as possible.

Third, if you're flight is delayed, sometimes it's easier calling the airline's 800-number instead talking to someone at the airport. They may have more answers and be able to help you one-on-one without all the distractions at the airport.

One more thing, pay close attention to delays even if you think it doesn't pertain to you. A delayed flight in Denver can effect someone traveling to Puerto Rico. Why? Because the flight could be a connecting flight in Philadelphia, before flying to Puerto Rico.

Hope this helps!

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