Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Reinvention

Happy Tuesday Traveler's Pen Readers!

Yes, you read the title correct. Traveler's Pen will undergo another reinvention. But, don't worry it will not take six months this time. Actually, it'll only take a day. But, to give you clue, the new section, The Traveler Next Door will be a part of the new direction. In fact, the new Traveler's Pen will once again cater to beginning travel writers with interviews with travelers and writers, new markets, and more. Look for an explanation tomorrow.

Terah Shelton
Traveler. Writer. Ingenue


Tiffani said...

Hi, Terah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not new to writing, but I'm new to freelancing so I look forward to learning from all you veterans. :-)

Take care

Terah said...

Hi Tiffani! Since you're new to freelancing, the new Traveler's Pen should help you. Look for it next week.