Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Traveler Next Door

Did you know the travel and tourism is a $1.3 trillion industry in the United States? That approximately 2.6 million hotels rooms are sold everyday in the United States? That said, I often wonder, who are these people, where are they going, more important, why?

As a freelance travel writer, I meet a interesting mix of people on the road, traveling for various reasons: adventure, independence, business, freedom, among many others. And in honor of the grand tradition of traveling, I would like to introduce a new section to Traveler's Pen called The Traveler Next Door.

The Traveler Next Door is a bi-weekly interview with average travelers, talking about their travel habits, favorite destinations, and answering the question: where to next? Look for the first interview this Friday.

If you're interested in being interviewed for The Traveler Next Door, please send an email to
travelerspen@yahoo.com or leave a comment.


dan said...


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Terah said...


Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out.