Thursday, February 22, 2007

For the Record

Note: To the coward from Nicholasville, Kentucky who tried to leave a comment, I know who you are. I sent you an email hoping we could work this out. I did not receive a response from you. If you don't want discuss this, then don't read my blog or attempt to leave anonymous comments. Move on!

Terah Shelton
Traveler. Writer. Ingenue


Timen said...

Hey Terah,

Could you elaborate on what's going on for the rest of your readers? Is there a serious problem?


Take care,

Terah said...


Long story short, there's another travel website named The Traveler's Pen. I tried to contact the editor, but he/she has never returned my email. Then, I received an anonymous comment from a "reader" who claimed I was unprofessional. Don't worry. Everything is fine. I'm moving on.

Thanks for your continued support!


princess said...

Hi, Terah,
I found your site thru Yvonne Russell's and I'm glad I did. I've done some travelling too when my family and I were working in Nigeria. I can claim to circling the globe 4 times and that I've travelled on a budgetted budget, what with three little kids in tow!
I've also been to your other website and I enjoyed it, too, but I still have a lot to come back to.