Friday, February 02, 2007

The Traveler Next Door: Liz Lewis

Liz Lewis is a freelance writer based in New Zealand. But living in such a far away location has not stopped Liz from continuing to roam the world (real and cyberspace) in search of new and exciting adventures to experience and document. When not writing or travelling, Liz works as an RN in the field of rehabilitation.

What do you look for when traveling? Places that have heart. Places that speak to you. Places that provide adventure, learning, and fun. Oh, and a clean toilet!

When was your last trip? The last big trip I took was in November 2005. I did a month long solo road trip around Southern California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada. The freedom just to get up in the morning and drive was great. Not having to make big decisions or compromise with anyone else about where to go was fabulous. I discovered that travelling alone also allows you to meet and talk to more people than you do when traveling with someone else.

Why do you travel? I travel to explore the world and myself within the world. I love to learn about different cultures, experience the foods, drinks, and arts of the place I am visiting. Landscape and architecture are also a big thing for me. I like to be amazed by the natural landscape (i.e. the desert) and the man-made landscape (i.e. Las Vegas)

How do you prepare for a trip? I love the research, the planning, and the learning that goes into the decisions to make a trip somewhere. I use travel magazines, travel books, and of course, the internet. The internet is great for planning accommodations, tours, discovering other peoples views of places. But I still use a travel agent for all airline bookings.

If you could travel without restrictions, where would you go? Cuba

Where to next? Right now am weighing up two options for later in the year - Spain or New Mexico. Spain for the language, New Mexico for the desert and Indian and Spanish markets in Santa Fe. Might have to flip a coin. Although at the moment, I'm considering leaving New Mexico until 2008 so that I can be in the United States during the Presidential Elections which are starting to look real interesting.

What's the one thing you regret about traveling? The only thing I regret about travel is not being able to stay longer in most places.

Check out for samples of her work, learn more about New Zealand at Travel Cafe Kiwi, and follow her path to freelancing success at her blog My Year of Getting Published.

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Terah Shelton
Traveler. Writer. Ingenue


writerinmaking said...

Great interview Terah, it was great to learn more about Liz - and see her picture!

Terah said...

I said the same thing when I saw her picture! Thanks for checking out my blog.


Susan said...

My mom gets really nervous when I travel by myself, but I love it (took a solo trip to Scotland during college and had a blast!).

Liz, I lived in Albuquerque, NM for six years, so if you go during October be sure to catch the international balloon fiesta in Albuquerque. If you're in Santa Fe during the summer, you MUST go to the opera (the desert view from the theatre is absolutely breathtaking), but you probably knew all that.

I enjoyed the interview!


Terah, thanks for the interview. And by the way, I've tagged you for the contract meme that's going round. Cheer, Liz

Susan, I used to go hot air ballooning all the time here in New Zealand - a good friend owned a balloon. He went to the festival a couple of times, but I never could get the time off. Maybe next year...Liz

Yvonne Russell said...

Congratulations on The Traveler Next Door series, Terah - great idea.

Yvonne Russell

Terah said...

Thanks, Yvonne! The series has garnered a lot of attention.