Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Best Months for Travel

Question: I know this may seem like a simple question, but what is the best month for traveling?

Answer: This is actually a good question and a very important one. Depending on the month you travel, your budget could decrease or increase dramatically. If you're on a budget, ideally, you want to travel during shoulder season, which during the spring is the months of March, April, and May and September, October, and November for fall. The weather may not be as enjoyable, but with the extra money you save invest in a good umbrella or an insulated jacket.

In my opinion, the worse months for travel is during the summer. Gas prices are high. The weather is hot and humid. And hotels, highways, and airplanes are at capacity. If possible, avoid this time, especially if you're counting your pennies.

Hope this helps!

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Terah Shelton
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DeneneB said...

Hey Terah,

How are ya?

I totally agree with your advice here. My experience of traveling in Europe in the summer was very, very crowded!! Even when I went in early May (to Italy) the crowds were thick. I'm going to try to go in the late fall the next time I go overseas.

Congrats on the new blogging gig!