Sunday, April 15, 2007

Travel World: Top Outdoor Magazines

There are thousands of magazines dedicated to every conceivable genre and hobby. Peruse your local bookstore and you'll find crocheting magazines, pet magazines, political magazines and much more.

And outdoor and adventure topics are not any different. In fact, there are probably more outdoor and adventure magazines in existence when you factor in biking, hiking, boating, and kayaking topics.

But, with all of these choices, which ones cater toward the overall outdoor experience? Which ones feature in depth articles, interviews, and equipment reviews? Simply put, which ones are the best and, more importantly, for your area of outdoor interest?

Here are the top three outdoor/adventure magazines to gage your interest:

National Geographic Adventure - We've all heard of National Geographic. But, did you know it's sister publication is arguably one of the best outdoor/adventure travel magazine on newsstands? Last year, it took gold in the coveted Lowell Thomas Awards for best overall travel magazine. This month issue features twelve backdoor getaways for paddling, skiing, and hiking.

Men's Journal - Although they've recently shifted editorial focus from adventure travel, outdoor enthusiasts can still read insightful and informative articles on its pages. Check out this month's issue for two moving stories about Mount Everest's Ice Doctors and a journey to Africa in search of "lost waves".

Outside - For interviews with adventurer travelers, no one beats Outside. Regular contributors are outdoor connoisseurs Bill "A Walk in the Woods" Bryson, Sebastian "The Perfect Storm" Junger, and Tim "Lost in My Own Backyard" Cahill. An depth guide to National Parks, the best outdoor and adventure Jobs of 2007, and an engaging story about a little known American battalion in Papua New Guinea round out this month's edition.

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