Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Friendly Market: GoNOMAD

GoNOMAD is an online travel zine that specializes in articles on alternative or immersion travel. They run articles about going deeper into the cultures that you visit and the site has articles on everything from teaching English to living abroad. Here's a snipet from their writer's guidelines to give you an idea of the kind of content the editors are seeking from travel writers:

Journeys - A first-person account of a unique journey
Destination guides - to your favorite region/city.
Go Local - Know of a way to get really close to the local culture or environment of a destination? Tell us about learning, volunteer or other alternative travel opportunities that really engage you with local culture. With sidebar contact.
Destinations - Tell us about a specific destination, including travel details sidebar (lodgings, getting there, tours or activities, restaurants, markets, arts, health and safety, etc.)

Click here to view their full writer's guidelines.

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