Thursday, July 20, 2006

Traveler's Pen Roll Call

The purpose of Traveler's Pen is to offer insight and resources to beginning travel writers. We want to know that the site is helping you and offering you useful information. Keeping up a blog takes time and research, so if you are using the site and read it regularly, drop us a comment and let us know that you're out there, in cyber-land getting inspired to follow your travel writing dreams! Since we've been running the blog for several months now, your feedback is important. We hope to hear from readers soon!


Anonymous said...

I have only recently discovered your site. I think that you offer valuable information and resources for those interested in becoming sucessful travel writers. I notice that few people leave comments. Hopefully you are not discouraged by that because it oes not mean we are not visiting. Thanks for your time and effort in this regard. Keep up the great work!

funchilde said...

hi! not an aspiring travel writer but interested in all things travel. i check you out at b2t and am a terah shelton fan as well!

carpetblogger said...

you should put an RSS subscription tag on the blog. It's very easy. I rarely check blogs taht don't have them. Always read those I subscribe to.