Friday, January 19, 2007

The Traveler Next Door: Nyeshia Early

This week's Traveler Next Door is Nyeshia Early, a financial associate at Citigroup. Ny is a fiesty, yet, lovable New Yorker, but don't let her place of residence or aggressive nature fool you. Oozing with confidence and independence, Nyeshia's classic personality, coupled with her sense of humor and make her a great person to know.

What do you look for when traveling? A clean toilet and someone who speaks English.

When was your last trip? My last trip was in October 2006. I went to Paris, France for the first time. That was also my first trip to Europe. Paris is so quaint. I don't know how else to describe it. It's nothing like New York.

Why do you travel? I travel because there is so much to see and experience in the world outside of New York. I love where I live and New York City has a lot of style and flavor and there are so many people who live here, who where born and raised in different parts of the world. But that doesn't compare to going outside of the city and experiencing different cultures first hand. I'm quite the novice when it comes to globetrotting but I'm slowly earning my stripes.

How do you prepare for a trip? The internet is my friend. I also like to check out the Lonely Planet guidebooks.

If you could travel without restrictions, where would you go? Not sure I understand the question. What do you mean like restrictions on toiletries? Maybe if they didn't restrict the size of like toothpaste and shampoo and lotion and deodorant, I'd go to India or Africa. But I need my toiletries if I'm going to places like that, u dig?

Where to next? London, England so I can tryout my accent and see if I can fool 'em.

What's the one thing you regret about traveling? Not having enough time to do and see everything. I'd really like to have the time to take a super holiday where I'm gone for months at a time so that I am able to take the time to fully experience another culture and way of life. Coming home and being happy that I was away but still leaving where I was a bit unfulfilled.

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