Friday, January 12, 2007

The Traveler Next Door

This week's Traveler Next Door is Leir Williford, author of Voice of the Eyes. Leir has worked as an RN, offering physical and mental support for her patients. Now, she entertains and inspires her readers with her tales of wisdom.

What do you look for when you travel? Traveling to me is a sense of adventure — meeting new people and seeing how other cultures live. Most of all absorbing the beautiful of each place has to offer.

When was your last trip? My last trip was to New York. I lived there for three years. I took my granddaughter Alexis there so she could experience the Big Apple. New York is the place everyone needs to visit at least once in their life. My previous vacation to Europe was more memorable. Three weeks of sojourning in London, Paris, Bern, and Rome. Mere words can not express my positive encounter of tasting different cuisines, observing various kinds of education and social growth and viewing captivating scenic lands.

Why do you travel? I travel to flee from my routine of life. To rest and rejuvenate my energy to better deal with the everyday stresses of life.

How do you prepare for a trip, books, magazines, etc.? To be honest my daughter is a travel writer. I rely a lot on her expertise.

If you could travel without restrictions, where would you go? Israel has captured my heart for years. Some day I would love to journey to the land where biblical events occurred.

Where to next? Bern, Switzerland. During my three week tour of Europe, I only got a chance to spend three days in Switzerland. Bern won my heart. I could have spent three weeks there. I love the crystal green waters and the mountainous landscape. Two days was not enough for me.

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