Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unknown Airlines

Question: I'm going to London at the end of May for a few days and I want to get my ticket this weekend. The airfare is less than $600 roundtrip if I book with Expedia. But, would you fly Air India?

Answer: Yes! This is a good question. Because only 30% of American hold passports, thus not traveling internationally, means some of these airlines, such as Air India, they've never heard of. But, just because you haven't heard of an airline doesn't mean it's not a respectable one.

Before you purchase this ticket, I suggest you research Air India. Go to their website and see what separates them (if anything) from say British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Do they offer more legroom? Free drinks? What's the in-flight entertainment situation? Overhead screen or individual monitors? What's the weight capacity for luggage? Higher or lower than others?

You may also want to research the meals options. Since Air India is based in India, their meals may reflect their ethnic palate. If so, ask yourself: do you like Indian food? If not, I suggest you pack a snack, especially if you're flying on a long international flight. Last year on a China Airlines flight to Thailand, I packed a lunch after I researched their meals.

Honestly, my rule for choosing which airline to fly is simple: whatever is the cheapest. Seriously, I do not restrict airlines. As long as I arrive at my destination safely, I don't pay it much thought. If Air India is offering the lowest rate, buy it before the rate expires.

Hope this helps!

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That's an interesting question and a great answer. I've never thought of that; good info to keep in mind!

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