Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome Gadling Readers!

Welcome to Traveler's Pen! Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you will find the information to your advantage.

So, what is the Traveler's Pen? It's a travelers resource addressing and answering travel-related questions. No matter how mundane or difficult. I'm a freelance travel writer based in Atlanta. I also teach "How to Travel the World on Your Budget" at Emory University and online. By teaching the class, I was surprised to learn the basic information I assumed everyone knew, most did not. More than that, daily, I receive travel or travel-related questions from readers or former students. So, I decided to keep this blog and invite readers to post questions about travel.
Please bookmark the site and check it regularly. Also, sign up for the free monthly travel newsletter, The Traveler's Notebook.

If you have a travel question, need more information about my online travel class, or would like to be interviewed for the Traveler Next Door, please send an email to travelerspen@yahoo.com or leave a comment.

Keep traveling!
Terah Shelton
Traveler. Writer. Ingenue

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