Thursday, February 08, 2007

Long Term Travel

Instead of a travel question today, I would like to recommend a recent article by my favorite travel writer, Rolf Potts. Over at his Yahoo! travel column, Traveling Light, Potts discusses how to stretch your travels. I love this article because I'm constantly asked how I'm able to travel all over the world on the crumbs from a freelance writer's salary. And this article gives you a few hints how.

Here's my favorite example:

1) Take out the middleman

Resist the temptation to purchase your travel specifics in advance. As wonderful as that Ugandan safari looks in the promotional literature of a Dallas-based travel company, shopping for the same experience when you arrive in Africa will be infinitely less expensive — and you'll have saved yourself the trouble of adhering to a fixed date. The same goes for air travel. A discounted "round-the-world" flight ticket might seem tempting but it's generally better to buy a one-way ticket to your first destination and plan your ongoing transportation as you go. Not only is it cheaper this way (thanks to frumpy local airlines such as Biman Bangladesh, Aerocaribbean, and SkyEurope), it allows you a more organic experience — since you'll have a much better feel for your travels en route than you will before they begin.

Read the rest of the article here.

Hope this helps!

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Terah Shelton
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Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Terah

You said -
"I love raw, uncooked places, unseasoned by life."

What a great turn of phrase. You definitely need to use that in a future article you submit. :)


Terah said...


I love that phrase and I'm glad you did as well. Actually, I stole it from an article I wrote about Lubec.