Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Travel Question: Favorite Place and Why?

People always ask me where's my favorite place and why. This is a question I can't always answer. It seems, my favorite place is always the last place I visited. Off the cuff, right now, I would have to say Montserrat. But after much thought, I would have to say, Lubec, Maine. Why? Because it's the easternmost point in the continental United States, home to the nation's first sunrise. I love raw, uncooked places, unseasoned by life. Where things may or may not make sense. And I found this in Lubec.

What about you? Where's your favorite place and why?

Terah Shelton
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Timen Swijtink said...

My favorite place so far has been Vietnam, which seems to be an unpopular opinion. Some don't like the local attitude towards Westerners, but I think that is what makes Vietnam spicy and other places a little bland. Attitude, even when it's not necessarily positive, is a good thing.

Terah said...


On my Southeast Asia tour last year, I decided to skip Vietnam. I regret it. But, I'm thinking about visiting sometime next year.

Thanks for responding,


sylvia c. said...


My mom is from Germany and we go back to her "home" every summer (sometimes every other summer).

It is like a second home to me and I love it SO much!

I love the sites, the language, the air, and everything else!

Glattbach, Germany is my Oma's hometown, and it is my favorite place.

Sylvia C.

Terah said...


Thanks for commenting. I love Germany. Glattbach? I don't know of it. Maybe I'll check it out during my European trip in a month.


Timen Swijtink said...


You should definitely spend some time there. What I found was that the north was radically different than the south. In fact, I felt that Vietnam was really 'divided' into many social regions.

Take care,


Grand canyon without the crowds - it's such a beautiful and awe inspiring place.

Love the new look of Traveler's Pen


Terah said...

Thanks for your comment, Liz. And I'm glad you like the new look!


Terra said...

Ich moechte gern... Oh wait, this isn't actually IN german, is it?

My absolute favorite places had to have been the Hofgarten in Bonn, Germany (wide spaces right in the middle of town; steps from the Markt; spitting distance from the Hauptbahnhof; easy walking distance 'home'; situated comfortably in front of the Universitaet Bonn and near bathrooms/food), Salvatore's (a bar in the Marktplatz in Bonn; great atmosphere and felt so much like home I wanted to bring a blanket and a picture frame; food was untouchably perfect German fare), or the plaza in front of the Coloseum in Rome, Italy (standing on the stones, you could feel the roar of the crowds that used to pile in; I put my hands on the plaza and could feel Roma breathing). So, those are the wheres and the whys!