Sunday, February 11, 2007

The REAL Traveler's Pen

It seems the name Traveler's Pen is catching on and not in a good way. Ironically, there's a new travel website called, The Traveler's Pen. Even more, they're advertising for travel writers on Craigslist. For the record, THIS IS NOT ME! I am not advertising for travel writers for my blog. While I'm Traveler's Pen (without The) and they're THE Traveler's Pen, I'm a little uncomfortable with the similarities. Since I'm a travel writer, this is a travel blog, and the website names are close, people assume I'm the one looking for writers. This bothers me because the ad says they pay in revenue (which I'm strongly against) and is riddled with spelling errors. As a writer, I pride myself on professionalism and I do not want my readers, editors, and anyone else thinking I'm associated with this project. I've been in contact with the editor requesting an distinction be made between the two. Until I hear from him, please note again: I'm not associated with THE Traveler's Pen nor am I looking for travel writers for this blog. Please do not send me your queries, clips, or resumes. I will not open them or respond and will delete them on receipt.

Thank you.

Terah Shelton
Traveler. Writer. Ingenue


Denene said...

Wow, that's odd. Good luck with clearing this up. Sounds like you're going to be getting a lot of unwanted queries!

Terah said...

Well, the editor removed some of the ads on Craigslist, but I'm still receiving queries and resumes, some of which are terrible. As a writer, I'm concern about what these writers are turning in to editors. Poorly written queries and bland resumes. It bothers me my queries, which I take pride in, are being interwined with theirs. If I learn anything from this, it's to move my writing to a new level and separate myself from others.



Denene said...

Wow very interesting observation.