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The Traveler Next Door: Silvia Keller

This week's Traveler Next Door is Silvia Keller. She is the co-author of a book of “Twelve Steps to a Debt-Free Life” and former writer for Florida newspapers such as El Latino Semanal and Alma Hispana where she dealt with financial and legal issues. After visiting Spain’s beautiful Costa Blanca, Silvia became a U.S Representative for Deneb Properties and promotes the sale of homes on the Mediterranean. In addition, Silvia hopes to instill the joy of travel and achieve her goal of seeing the world by pursuing her second dream as travel writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in International Living’s new Magazine The European, Ex In the City, Passport Only and a few other publications.

What do you look for when traveling? When I travel I look to get the real feel for the place I visit; I like to meet the people, talk to them about their country, learn about their customs, what makes them happy and what problems do they have. I enjoy eating the different foods, visiting the local grocery stores, eating where the locals eat. For me, sitting at a café and meeting people is as educational as visiting museums.

When was your last trip? My last trip was to Austria. Visited Vienna for a second time and drove to Salzburg. Took a trip on the Danube to Slovakia.

Why do you travel? Travel is my passion. I travel because I want to see the world and learn about the different cultures. Now, as a travel writer, I want to transport readers to all the beautiful places around the world; I want them to feel the same excitement and feel an impulse to book that trip they have been postponing.

How do you prepare for a trip? When planning a trip I do a lot of research. I read about the place I am visiting; I look for accommodations based on what I wish to do and see. For example, when I visited Budapest, I found a great hotel located on a small island outside Budapest. My reason for staying so far from the city center was to enjoy a world famous spa located here. It was quite an experience.

I read about all the important places to visit and then I compare notes with the locals. I look for interesting places to visit, unusual places where to eat and create my own tour. I also try to learn the language of the place I am visiting. If this is not possible, I try to learn the basics.

If you could travel without restrictions, where would you go? I would love to visit the Middle East. There is so much to see, so much to experience and learn in these countries.

Where to next? My next adventure will either be to Russia or the Netherlands.

What's the one thing you regret about traveling? One regret I have about traveling is that I don’t have all the time in the world to stay and visit every small town, every little village. I would love to just travel and write, without time or money constraints.

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